Raising A Gifted Teenager

What makes a gifted child different from typical ones? Mine is a musical virtuoso and I knew it ever since he was 8 months old. I was trying to appease him from his usual tantrum when I took hold of a music box.  The moment it played, I saw the unusual transformation in his face. … Read More »


My 35 Years Of Passion For Food …And Still Counting

People close to me know very well that I love food.  I love to cook.  I love feeding my friends, family and loved ones. I am very lucky to have a mom who is such a good cook.  Everyone knows her for delicious recipes that our family, friends and relatives would crave for in every… Read More »

Gardening Therapy For Body Mind & Spirit

I started to fall in love with gardening when I was a young kid.  My family used to have dozens of banana trees, sweet corn, tomatoes, star apple, custard apple (atis), jackfruit, sour sop (guyabano), guavas, black palm (duhat) and even herbal plants. One afternoon, my youngest sister Belle came from school with packs of… Read More »

Legitimate Online Sites To Make Money (Part 1)

As of today, there are 25 online sites that I am a member of.  This includes survey companies, consumer panels, research forums, mystery shopping sites and paid communities. They are both global and national (Australia sites). They are my collections that brings cash and shopping cards to my pocket. Most of these companies are known… Read More »

How To Keep Kids Busy On School Holidays

Every school holiday is an expected hectic weeks for parents here in Australia.  Two weeks at the end of every school term/quarter, and a long six weeks break before Christmas and prior to school opening in January. Most working parents would put their kids on a school holiday program or leave the kids to their… Read More »

Helping Kids Cope With Anxiety

I have been through a lot of struggles growing up as a very anxious child.  Being called as a “cry baby” and getting bullied at school made those young days more difficult. Anxiety can be genetic or acquired from our imminent environment.  Having attended seminars on anxiety management, I have learned these and started applying… Read More »

How I Overcome Alopecia Areata

It was like a nightmare. I faced the mirror one morning and found myself crying as I discovered a big bald spot on top of my head.  I was shocked! It was one of the most scary experiences a woman can ever have considering that we refer to our hair as our crowning glory.  We… Read More »